127: Folk Goes Pop with J. Keith van Straaten


This week we're joined by one of the most delightful personalities in the comedy world: writer, musical aficionado, and host of Maximum Fun's Go Fact Yourself live show and podcast, J. Keith van Straaten. Oh and also friend of the show Jose Escobar. Together we feast upon Armenian-inspired rotisserie chickens, discuss the ethics of nicknaming a friend Adolf Hitler, and somehow get around to listening to folk singers performing covers of mainstream pop songs. 

126: Give Deez a Chance


It has been said that the music you listened to in your early 20s is the music you will listen to for the rest of your life. This week, your intrepid and not-at-all stubborn hosts put ourselves to the test by introducing one another to some of our more obscure listening choices. It doesn't go as smoothly as planned. This episode is dedicated to the magazine Tiger Beat, which is better than the trash musical group Tiger Army.

120: Last Dance with Tom Petty

Last month we lost one of the greatest songwriters and musicians of our time, and also one of maybe 7 men in popular culture who wasn't an absolute monster. We had this conversation weeks ago, tbh fam, but it was more important that we release some timely episodes about Halloween candy than honor a one-of-a-kind voice the likes of which we will never hear again. Rest in peace, Heartbreaker. Additionally, this week's beautiful episode artwork comes from the irreplaceable Aaron Alvarez of The Obscure Gentlemen. Buy a shirt, support their Patreon, subscribe to the comic.

118: Halloween 2017 Part One: Dr. Monster Mash's Monster


Trick or treat, fam! We may never know for sure if real monsters are real. But we do know for a fact that songs about monsters exist. Because we listened to a whole bunch of them. And we're sharing some of our favorites with you, our fam. This episode is the first of a two-part Halloween 2017 SPOOK-TACULAR, stay tuned for what's sure to be next.

112: Going Solo with Murray Valeriano


This week we're joined by comedian, podcaster, writer, producer, and music listening guy Murray Valeriano! You might know him from his podcast storytelling on Rock Solid and Road Stories. You might know him from...other stuff. Anyway, we get together, eat leftover pizza and fresh baked cookies and talk about Murray's background and early engagement with music. After maybe 40 minutes we discuss the actual topic at hand, artists leaving their groups of origin and going solo.

111: Depression Songs

We've been having a lot of fun on our music podcast talking about songs and the meanings we give them. But there's something that's no joke and that's depression. This week, Yama returns from his days on the BBQ circuit to talk about songs that either tackle the subject of depression or evoke the state of mind. This episode is dedicated to all those who struggle with the noonday demon.