140: What's Nü, Metal?


Time has passed, scars have healed and frosted tips have washed away. It's time to take stock and look back at the legacy of nü metal. What should we make of the genre that combined hyper-masculine posturing with extreme emotional neediness, and the most superficial techniques of hip hop with the most basic stylings of rock? Let's find out as we're joined by listener and patron Abe, owner and operator of the Okie Dokie Tattoo Parlour in East Los.

138: 80s Hits Deathmatch



We had so much fun doing our first, rough attempt at song brackets that we decided to get real serious about it. Real serious. So let's take this from the top with hit songs of the 80s, chosen by us as well as by you the listeners and friends of the podcast, ranked and seeded according to their current relevance in the age of digital streaming. Who will fall and whomst rise up? Listen in and follow along at challonge.com/80shits.


137: Heavy Metal + May Madness Finale


This episode is a giant mess, but still fun. We're joined by the crew of Plain Zero and a listener friend or two. It all starts with the exciting conclusion of our May Madness brackets to determine the GOAT song, and it goes slightly uphill from there when we talk about Heavy Metal: the anthology movie named after the immature teen magazine. This episode is dedicated to the brave memory of our troop.

136: Worst People's Best Songs

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 11.47.00 PM.png

All musicians are complicated and flawed human beings. Some musicians, though, are absolute trash. And this episode is dedicated to them: the racists, the rapists, the utter monsters. Who, occasionally, recorded an undeniable song. Before we even get to the morally conflicted topic at hand, though, our three hosts open up the episode by choosing the final matchup in our May Madness song brackets. Stay tuned for the drunk finale crossover event next week!

133: May Madness! Like March Madness But in May and with Songs

may music madness.png

We had a strange notion a little while ago to try something different. What if instead of arguing aimlessly about popular culture, we put some structure to it? The result is May Madness, an Obscure Entertainment Network original. Listen to this week's episode for a discussion of the first round through the quarterfinals. Then, follow the brackets live as they happen at challonge.com/songmadness. And don't forget to stay tuned for a very special crossover finale event where the entire Obscure Entertainment podcasting fam comes together to determine the greatest song, movie, and animation series of all time. Until next time we do this.

129: Pokémon Go to the Polls

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 3.32.38 AM.png

This week we lost our most important host (Yama) to a family emergency, but gained an adequate replacement in the person of Alex from The Obscure Gentlemen and Plain Zero podcasts. You may remember Alex from one of our most popular episodes, 35: Star Wars the Orchestra Awakens. This week he shares his thoughts on the music of the Pokémon universe. If you're one of those people who collect Kikkomoos and Bulberzorps on your phone and you grew up trading Poker cards or whatever, this one is for you.

127: Folk Goes Pop with J. Keith van Straaten


This week we're joined by one of the most delightful personalities in the comedy world: writer, musical aficionado, and host of Maximum Fun's Go Fact Yourself live show and podcast, J. Keith van Straaten. Oh and also friend of the show Jose Escobar. Together we feast upon Armenian-inspired rotisserie chickens, discuss the ethics of nicknaming a friend Adolf Hitler, and somehow get around to listening to folk singers performing covers of mainstream pop songs. 

126: Give Deez a Chance


It has been said that the music you listened to in your early 20s is the music you will listen to for the rest of your life. This week, your intrepid and not-at-all stubborn hosts put ourselves to the test by introducing one another to some of our more obscure listening choices. It doesn't go as smoothly as planned. This episode is dedicated to the magazine Tiger Beat, which is better than the trash musical group Tiger Army.