97: Covering Nirvana, Covers By Nirvana

This week, we grant a special listener request and cover Nirvana. More specifically, Nirvana covers. Less specifically, either covers by Nirvana or covers of Nirvana by others. It was a beautiful day when this episode was recorded, and we capped it off by getting all-you-can-eat sushi while repeatedly pronouncing it "zoo-she" for no reason. Enjoy, fam.


95: Welcome Back Yama

One host returns, another flies the coop. This week we welcome back Yama from an extended baby leave to hear his take on our Grammys episode, and in particular the debate about the state of modern rappers and their samesy unintelligible flow that's stirred up some controversy. Look for that topic to continue in a future episode. We also spend too much time discussing the physics and eroticism of lift-and-carry videos.

94: K-Earth A.D. (The Song Shuffle Game)

You can learn a lot about a person by placing their entire music collection on Shuffle and hitting play. Which is exactly what we do in this fun round of our recurring segment, The Shuffle Game (also known as Shuffle Roulette, also known as iPod Shuffle, also known as Young Money, also known as Fabby Davis Jr The Yellow Bus Rida). What happens when one contestant's all-Misfits playlist collides with another's all-soft-shit-all-the-time? Cash us ousside and find out wha happen!

93: Kinky Grammy Convention

With the 2017 Grammys in the books, we're joined by guests Nick from Plain Zero and Jose from "Is That A Dude?" for a wide-ranging discussion. And by wide we mean Megadeth going on stage to Metallica, Metallica going on stage without sound, Cyndi Lauper vs Madonna, Chance the Rapper Who Never Made a Physical Album, and of course, 69ing. It's lit, fam.

92: Clip Show: What’s Wrong With Being Sexy

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, this week we’re gathering some of our sexiest conversations into one greatest hit-sode. Hope you enjoy. And if you’re looking for a gift for that special someone that will guarantee you never have sex again, handsome fitted 12 For A Penny shirts available now at podbrothers.com. They’re comfy and they’re black, like our men.

91: Clip Show: Embarrassed & Chill

Four score and seven episodes ago, our three fathers brought forth upon this iTunes a new podcast, conceived in bad judgment, and dedicated to the proposition that all songs take on the meanings we give them. That was a pretty sweet send-up, you have to admit. Anyway. This week Yama is off celebrating the birth of his second son, so we're giving new listeners and old alike a taste of our greatest hits. Enjoy the moments you missed and some you'll never forget. This week's theme: the most embarrassing conversations, anecdotes and tangents in 12FAP history.

90: Guilty Feet Have Got No Rhythm

This week, we listen back to the music of George Michael, the son of blue-collar Greek immigrants who went from doing average imitations of disco-rap to infusing 80s new romantic music with the swagger of an earlier era's rock and R&B. We also talk a bit about how the deaths of artists can change the way we hear their music–or not, and whether Fred Durst ever did anything worth a damn.


89: Lift and Carry Me to Texas

Way out west (or depending on where you're coming from, way out east, north, or south), lies a state where the stars are big and bright. Where the sage in bloom is like perfume. And where the women are all stereotypes, according to Hank Williams' worthless son. Strap on your Dallas Cowboy helmets, chug some Pace Picante salsa, and let's talk about Texas in popular music. As they say in Boston, "faakin' rite!"


84: Backwards Baseball Caps and White Guy Dreads

This week we discuss the absolute low-point of music and popular culture: 1998's reviled Family Values Tour. Headlined and orchestrated by Korn and joined by such luminaries of late-90s bro rapmetalrock as Orgy, Limp Bizkit, Rammstein, and Ice Cube in the worst mistake of his entire life. We talk about the appeal of introspective self-loathing lyrics paired with abrasively hypermasculine guitar work, and generally mourn the fact that we had to live through the era. Join the fun!


81: Holla Fame

What is rock & roll? What is music in general? Sounds: what are they? These are questions that have perplexed man since the dawn of Operation: Mindcrime. This week, we answer them once and for all on this very podcast. Not really. We actually go through this year's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominees and talk about who deserves to be inducted and argue about stupid things. Please take a side and let us know!


The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Announces the Nominees for 2017 Induction

79: Songs of Evil

As anyone who has read the Bible can tell you, Halloween is the celebration of the great battle of Sleepy Hallow when St. Eve made all the Irish snakes drink McFlurries. This year's special Halloween 'cast is dedicated to examining evil in popular music. Songs about the nature of evil, songs that say "evil," and songs that just sound evil. As they say on this important day, Hallow's Blessings and enjoy!