28: The Mothman Always Rings Twice

This is a difficult episode to post, because I've got the Mothman standing right here next to me. What's that, Mothman? Okay, the Mothman wants to say something.

Hi, this is Mothman here, typing this podcast blog entry on the 12 For A Penny blog! I'm excited to be here and I want to thank Gym, Joe, and the dark one for the opportunity.

With Halloween season upon us, it's the perfect time to talk about the spooky unsettling sounds that get under our skin and make us uncomfortable. From Norwegian black metal to Appalachian folk to classical, our hosts cover a variety of genres and works. It's the kind of episode that brings out the best in the 12 For A Penny dynamic. Okay, I have to go talk to Richard Gere now.

...Okay, this is Yama again. The Mothman just left. Enjoy the episode, have a safe Halloween, and if you can, leave us an iTunes review!