40: Feel, Feel, Feel, Feel My Heat

It's a crossover! It's a crossover! It's a big bright shining crossover. We're joined by Travis and Aaron from the movie podcast Plain Zero to dive into the music of Boogie Nights. It's the second part of our podcast crossover, so be sure to hit up Plain Zero on iTunes and listen to their episode 80 to hear our overlapping discussion on the film itself.

Here in our dojo, our hosts and guests can't say enough about the storytelling power of this soundtrack, from the haunting carnival fanfare of the opening theme to the period-perfect song choices and the perhaps the film's twin crowning musical moments: the "You Got the Touch"/"Feel My Heat" recording session and the Rahad Jackson drug deal gone awry. 

If you're of a certain generation, or even if you aren't–if Boogie Nights meant something to you, or even if it didn't, put the firecrackers down and have yourself a listen.