51: We Did This Thing For A Year!

One year ago, three good buddies (and sometimes mortal enemies) started talking into microphones about songs, the stories behind them, and the experiences we've made around them.

We talked about beefs, who won them and how they were squashed. We analyzed the logistics of robbing someone in Compton and blasting them in Miami, and what Dr. Dre's infamous "gap teeth" putdown said about his own endowment. 

We talked about musical subcultures, from the realm of the Juggalos to the deepest circles of the extreme metal underground, what draws us into them and what sometimes pulls us out.

We talked about the strange and uncomfortable phenomenon of middle-aged male rock stars singing lustfully about teenage girls.

We feuded about the optimal moistness of a hamburger, and the comparative handsomeness of the actors on Game of Thrones. 

We got really drunk and cried.

But most of all, we talked about why and how the music we listen to takes on the meanings we give it. Why a particular lyric, a chord, a riff, or a live experience ends up mattering more than we realize at first listen–and in ways we never would have expected. It's an endlessly fascinating topic, and after a year we're not even close to scratching the surface, debating every facet, or sharing even a fraction of the stories it brings up.

Thank you for listening, and sharing your own experiences and memories around music. Keep on keeping on. 

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