72: The True Sounds of Greg Kuehn (Part 1)

Well, holy shit. So this week on our humble little podcast, we had the truly distinct honor of sitting down for a wide-ranging chat with Greg Kuehn, a unique musician known to many by name and to many more by ear. 

If you've listened to music, or watched long- or short-film film or documentaries, TV advertising or digital branded content in the past quarter century, you've listened to the work of Greg Kuehn. From his early contributions to the evolution of American punk rock with TSOL's Beneath the Shadows and Weathered Statues, to his session and performance work with Bob Dylan, Berlin, and others, to his foray into film and television scoring with Peligro Music and Sound and current involvement in a fascinating series of bands and side projects from Suedehead to Duane Peters and the Great Unwashed. The list could literally go on, and if we had all week we could have kept talking to Greg about his strange and absolutely fascinating journey through American popular music.

This week's episode is the first of two parts. Stay tuned for next week when the conversation continues as Greg shares his thoughts on the work of his sons in probably the most relentlessly, sincerely joyous punk rock band of the 2000s, FIDLAR. For now, here's the beginning of the tale.